Diaspora Politics of the Turkish-speaking Communities in the United Kingdom

15 Jan 2018
08/05/18 1:02:01 PM BST

We are delighted to present the Turkey Institute’s fourth publication, written by Mustafa Cakmak and focused on the diaspora politics of the Turkish-speaking community...   Read More

Turkey Report 2015

6 Aug 2015
23/02/17 7:56:23 PM GMT

Turkey Institute publishes an annual Turkey Report providing succinct insight and analysis into the most significant developments of the past year. This first report...   Read More

Retrospective Review of Turkey’s Middle East Policy

13 May 2015
25/02/17 2:09:02 PM GMT

Since the establishment of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, the primacy of the ‘West’ in Turkish foreign policy had been underlined by Turkish...   Read More

The Management of Religion in Turkey

5 Dec 2014
25/02/17 2:11:49 PM GMT

This report discusses legal regulations and political issues regarding religion in Turkey and focuses on the role, historical foundations and legal structure of the...   Read More

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