Dr Bezen Balamir Coskun

Associate professor of international relations


Bezen Balamir Coskun works at Gediz University International Relations Program as associate professor. She teaches courses on theories of international relations, security studies, Middle East security and Turkish foreign policy. Dr Coskun holds a MSc degree from Aalborg University, Denmark and has conducted PhD research at Loughborough University, UK on Israeli-Palestinian security.

Her main research interests are theories of international relations, security studies and conflict resolution with a geographical emphasise on the Middle East region. Her current research is on Turkish foreign policy regarding the Syrian crisis including refugee crisis. Her latest publications on the subject includes a report on a retrospective view of Turkey's Middle East Policy published by Turkey Institute, a book chapter titled ‘Neighbourhood Narratives from ‘zero problems’ to ‘precious loneliness’: Turkey’s resecuritised Middle East Policy after the Arab Spring’ in Insecurity after the Arab Uprising published by Palgrave and a journal article titled An Evaluation of EU’s Migration Policies after Arab Spring.


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