Presidential Referendum: ‘A battleground between Turkey and the ‘West’’

In the last two weeks, the pro-Erdogan media in Turkey have made many manipulative news against the Westerns countries to mobilise masses in favour of the ruling party’s agenda of wining the referendum. Many headlines in Turkish language press have portrayed the referendum as a battleground between Turkey and the ‘West’ that is Turkey’s eternal enemy. The West has also been presented with the following words the fascists, supporter of terrorists, ‘crucifix alliance.’ Any political crisis between Turkey and a Western country has been portrayed as ‘a crucifix-crescent struggle.’ Within this context voting ‘yes’ in the referendum presented as a ‘retaliation to the West.’

Erdogan: “O Merkel! Shame on you!”, A-Haber – 14.03.2017

On a live televised Questions – Answer program, on A-Haber/ATV, Erdoğan responded sternly to Merkel’s support for the Dutch Prime Minister Gutte. He went on to further criticise Gutte, for his comment stating “I am in charge of my country [not Erdogan]”, with the statement “The people are in charge of my country [Turkey]”.

Erdogan: ‘We know them from the Srebrenica massacre’, Sabah Daily – 14.03.17

Speaking at a Medicine Festival, Erdogan responded to Holland as fascists, and with comments referring to the Srebrenica, Bosnia genocide (1995). He stated: “We know Holland, and know the Dutch very well from the Srebrenica genocide. We know how they murdered 8,000 Bosnians. No one can teach us how to be civilized. This nation is pure, they are pitch-black.”

After the events between Holland and Turkey, speaking in Afyon Erdoğan claimed that they have exposed the true colours of the European Union. “Facism is prowling around the streets of Europe… they cannot teach us a lesson!”

Minister Kaya: Our freedoms were brutally violated – 15.03.17

Following the banning of Family and Social Relations Minister Kaya’s entry into Holland, the AKP regime criticised the expressions of democracy and human rights in Holland.

“They have initiated a crucifix-crescent struggle. There is no other explanation. This is what they’re doing. I’m being honest. Europe is rapidly reversing into the days reminiscing the Second World War”.

Erdoğan: ‘Europe is drowning in fear’, Gunes Daily – 16.03.17

Speaking at a ceremony in Afyon, Erdoğan made the following remarks: “The fear of Turks is increasing, the fear of Islam is increasing. They’re even scared of those refugees migrating there… they fear everyone who is not from them, and they call them enemies.” “Through the attitudes they show us, they’re emptying in European Union. Leaving the European Union? The event of Brexit did just that, they reached a decision to leave the European Union. From now on, not the European Union or any European countries can give us a lesson on democracy, freedom, justice, or law. The spirit of fascism is roaming around the streets of Europe.”

Holland admits: Turkey will finish us, Takvim Daily – 17.03.17

Turkish media gave attention to “Holland spitting it out” and expressing their fear of the third airport being planned for Istanbul. Reference was made to Holland’s Finance Minister Dijsselbloem, who stated: “The third airport which is being built in Istanbul, if it opens, will be the end for the Schipol Airport.”. The media outlets proposed this as the reason for why the Dutch view Erdogan as “fascist”, due to fiscal difficulties they could experience if Turkey excels them.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim: ‘Turkey has restrained racism in Europe’, Sabah Daily – 17.03.17

In one of his speeches the AKP Prime Minister has claimed that Turkish political discourse directly influences the way European politics is shaped. “Look at the results … Turkey influenced the Dutch elections. For a period longer we have put racism in Europe on halt. Pull yourselves together [Europe]. Islam, Turkish hatred will not take you to the right path.”

Holland, Germany and opposition parties as having the same intentions – advocating the “NO”, A-Haber – 18.03.17

Speaking during a ceremony commemorating the 102. year of the Çanakkale victory, Erdoğan made remarks concerning the upcoming referendum referring to terrorist organisations, Holland, Germany and opposition parties as having the same intentions – advocating the “NO” vote. He further went on and stated “Shame on you. They have no difference between them. One is no different from the other. Do whatever you wish, you cannot change the route of the people of this nation. Just because bats despise it, the sun doesn’t stop rising.”

“Those who show animosity to the state of Turkey will pay the price.”, Yeni Safak Daily – 18.03.17

Speaking during a visit to Eskişehir, Erdoğan had messages to Turkish citizens living in Europe. “The countries you’re living and working in are your weapons, your new homes, take firm responsibility of them. Not three, have five children. You are the future of Europe…”

“If you dare, ban the Kippah as well!“, Milliyet Daily – 18.03.17

Again, during his speech at Eskişehir Erdoğan made further references to Europe, and the ban on religious expressions. “The European Court of Justice has banned the headscarf. We’re fed up! I thought there was freedom of religion, freedom of faith. If you dare, ban the Kippah as well! They [the Europeans] have many faces!”

“The masked banquet has ended.”, A-Haber – 20.03.17

Speaking at a conference in Turkey, Erdogan attacked Europe and the Hizmet Movement. “What Europe has been experiencing over the past few days, the attacks on our nation and our path, show we have entered a new phase. They’ve handed over weapons with tongs, rubbed the back of terrorist organisations, and purchased agents [in reference to Hizmet supporters] for a dollar entering our area directly. My brothers and sisters, the masked banquet has ended.”

Europe’s signboard now say FASCIST!, Yeni Safak Daily – 23.03.17

Yeni Safak’s journalist Zelan claims that European states, namely: Germany, Holland, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium, are working in line with the terrorist organization PKK advocating “no propaganda”.

The terror they feed has hit back, Yeni Akit Daily – 24.03.17

In reference to the recent attack on London, Turkish media outlets claimed that England had been supporting terrorism, through not conforming to the hand-over of 21 terror suspects, including Hizmet supporters, it received a taste of their own medicine.

Erdogan: The crucifix alliance [European Union], came together in front of the Pope, Sabah Daily – 03.04.17

Erdoğan yet again made references of European-Turkish conflict in the in shade of the Crusades.

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