‘Erdoğan equals to Turkey, attacking/criticising Erdoğan means attacking Turkey’

In last month pro-government media has continued to manipulate popular perception in line with President Erdoğan’s political agenda. Below there are some points highlighted by Turkish language media that appears to be aiming at manipulating popular perception vis-a-vis the West and Europe by appealing to nationalist and religious sentiments of the public.:

I) Erdoğan equals to Turkey, attacking/criticising Erdoğan means attacking Turkey. II) Coup attempt was organised and supported by the United States. III) Greece is ‘infidel land.’ IV) Racist Europe supported ‘no’ campaign in the referendum and now cooperating with ‘no’ front. V) Turkey’s history was written by English and our history and religious books need to be re-written.

Europe is Jelous of us!, Yeni Safak Daily – 01.04.17

“We know that when they [Europe] threatens Erdogan, they’re actually threatening the whole of Turkey.”

Stated PM Binali Yildirim on his political rally in the eastern provinces of Agri and Kars. “Why is Europe paralyzing itself over the ‘no, no, no’ vote [in the upcoming election]? Because they are jealous of us!” suggests Turkish media.

“They transported weapons to Akinci from the United States of America!”, Aksam Daily – 04.04.17

The article published in the Aksam newspaper claims that during the period leading up to the coup attempt of 2016, members of ‘FETO’ who had infiltrated the Turkish military had visited in United States and returned with ammunition.

A later published article from Star daily (07.04.17) suggests that there were also two American military personnel at Akinci, a key military location, during the attempted coup. The two alleged personnel, one female and one male are suggested to have links with FETO, and apparently carried out “careful ammunition counts” and planning in the days leading up to the attempted coup.

“Tears and laughter!”, Posta Daily – 06.04.17

Turkish media compared images of distraught children who had escaped the Idlip chemical attack to members of the United Nations who had met in Brussels to discuss solutions to the Syrian crisis. Criticising the “moment of respect”, they claim it was “joyful, and full of laughter”.

“I will not be captive on infidel land.”, Takvim Daily – 06.04.17

Speaking at ATV’s organised “Big Meeting with Youth” programme, Erdogan answered the question of why he rejected the offer to go safety to Greek islands during the evening of the coup attempt. He then made reference and drew parallels from his experiences to the account of Prophet Muhammed and his closest friend Abu Bakr., who were protected during an attack.

“Who came up with this? The German secret services along with the United States of America and some men in England.”, Yeni Safak Daily – 13.04.17

In an live programme broadcasted over social media, Internal Affairs Minister Soylu responded to questions about opposition leader Kilicdaroglu’s claim that the 15th July coup attempted was a “controlled coup”. He claimed that any knowledge received was from a Western alliance.

“The majority “YES” vote made Europe go crazy!”, Takvim Daily – 17.04.17

With reference to the statement by Dutch politician Geert Wilders, saying that all of those who voted “YES” should go back to Turkey, Turkish media projected the referendum result as “racist Europe going mad”.

“Europe is cooperating with the “NO” front, they’re planning new operations against Turkey.”, Yeni Safak Daily – 18.04.17

“Unfortunately our history has been written by the English and their lovers for 150 years”, Turkiye Gazetesi Daily- 19.04.17

Our history, literature and religious books need to change.

“Europe is scared of Turkey”, Anadolu Agency – 19.04.17

The AKP affiliated Anadolu Agency, quoted Sudanese academic Dr. Hasaney stating “Europe and Israel, and scared of a Turkey which in en route to becoming a superpower”.

“The arrogant French will pay the price”, Star Daily – 24.04.17

After the “YES” votes success, the French political theorist Defarges said that Erdogan should be killed. Turkish media widely followed up on the event, and called for Defarges to pay the price: according to Turkish media, legal action has begun.

“Their Game Never Ends!”, Sabah Daily – 23.04.17

Sabah columnist Mehmet Barlas suggested that the US secret services was working with their British counterparts in an attempt to transform television sets into secret listening devices.

“The perverts’ money comes from German charities”, Yeni Akit Daily – 24.04.17

In an article published by Yeni Akit, it is suggested that advocates of LGBT rights are perverts and working in collaborations with German charities and the CHP under a secret agreement.

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