Turkish Media Watch

Human rights defenders as ‘agents of Western powers’

26 Jul 2017
17/11/17 2:54:16 PM GMT

Pro-government media, also known as pool media, have continued to play their mouthpiece role in the last two months. They portrayed any developments in...   Read More

‘Erdoğan equals to Turkey, attacking/criticising Erdoğan means attacking Turkey’

8 May 2017
08/05/17 2:54:38 PM BST

In last month pro-government media has continued to manipulate popular perception in line with President Erdoğan’s political agenda. Below there are some points highlighted...   Read More

Presidential Referendum: ‘A battleground between Turkey and the ‘West’’

4 Apr 2017
08/05/17 2:31:14 PM BST

In the last two weeks, the pro-Erdogan media in Turkey have made many manipulative news against the Westerns countries to mobilise masses in favour...   Read More

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