URGENT ACTION REQUIRED: Stop Turkish teachers’ prospective extradition to Turkey

30 Mar 2018
30/03/18 1:44:32 PM BST

LONDON – 30 March 2018 We write to kindly request urgent action from MPs, MEPs, heads of European missions, human rights organizations and members...   Read More

URGENT ACTION: Detention of Turkish nationals in Kosovo and their possible extradition to Turkey

29 Mar 2018
29/03/18 2:42:50 PM BST

LONDON – 29 March 2018 Turkey Institute kindly request urgent action from MPs, MEPs, heads of European missions, human rights organizations and members of...   Read More

Opposition groups in Turkey should put aside their differences

16 Mar 2018
16/03/18 5:21:20 PM GMT

Friday, 16 March 2018 – LONDON On Friday, 9th of March, a Turkish court sentenced 25 journalists to prison on the ground of being...   Read More

Human rights defenders as ‘agents of Western powers’

26 Jul 2017
17/11/17 2:54:16 PM GMT

Pro-government media, also known as pool media, have continued to play their mouthpiece role in the last two months. They portrayed any developments in...   Read More

‘Erdoğan equals to Turkey, attacking/criticising Erdoğan means attacking Turkey’

8 May 2017
08/05/17 2:54:38 PM BST

In last month pro-government media has continued to manipulate popular perception in line with President Erdoğan’s political agenda. Below there are some points highlighted...   Read More

Presidential Referendum: ‘A battleground between Turkey and the ‘West’’

4 Apr 2017
08/05/17 2:31:14 PM BST

In the last two weeks, the pro-Erdogan media in Turkey have made many manipulative news against the Westerns countries to mobilise masses in favour...   Read More

Turkish general election, June 2015

8 Jun 2016
23/02/17 4:56:38 PM GMT

Turkey experienced the 25th general elections in its history on the 7th June. 20 political parties and 165 independent candidates run for the elections...   Read More

Turkish Government’s Crackdown on Critical Media

8 Mar 2016
23/02/17 3:48:19 PM GMT

An Istanbul court in Turkey on March 4, 2016 appointed pro-government trustees to seize the media outlet Feza Media Group, which owns Zaman, the...   Read More

Recent Deadly Blasts in Ankara

12 Oct 2015
23/02/17 4:11:29 PM GMT

On Saturday morning (10th October, 2015), two devastating explosions killed at least 120 people and wounded nearly 250 in Ankara, the Turkish capital, where...   Read More

Recent Journalist Arrests and Media-Government Relations in Turkey

16 Dec 2014
23/02/17 4:40:10 PM GMT

On the 14th December 2014, Turkish police made 24 arrests during raids at a number of addresses including Turkey’s largest circulating newspaper Zaman headquarters...   Read More

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