A Week of Turkey with Kerim Balci – 26 February 2018

Kerim Balci covers the significant political developments in and related to Turkey which has taken place between 19 February to 26 February 2018. This week’s news includes: Turkish people embark on dangerous journeys to save themselves from persecution. Turkey sentences journalists to life in jail over coup attempt. Turkey to expand its offensive into Manbij. Former U.S Ambassador to Turkey, Edelman says “Turkey is out of control”.


A rubber boat carrying a group of 10 Turkish citizens (3 kids) capsized on Evros/Meric River while fleeing Turkey. A mother and two of her sons passed away and others are still missing. Why do people risk their lives to flee Turkey?
On Feb 16, Journalists/commentators Nazli Ilicak and Ahmet and Mehmet Altan, known as Altan brothers were given aggravated life sentences for seeking to overthrow the Turkish government through “subliminal messages”. How do you see this verdict?
Turkish President Erdogan continues his promises to advance the offensive in Syria further east into the Kurdish-controlled and U.S.-patrolled city of Manbij. What does he want to achieve?
On Feb 19, Syrian state news agency SANA reported that Assad agrees to send forces to the Kurds’ aid in Afrin. If this is indeed true, what would be Turkey’s reaction? How do you see the possibility of a clash between Assad forces and Turkish army?
Former U.S Ambassador to Turkey, Eric Edelman co-penned an article with Jake Sullivan for Politico. Its title is “Turkey is out of control. Time for the U.S to say so”. How do you read this piece?
AKP and MHP have agreed to form an alliance ahead of parliamentary and presidential elections scheduled for 2019. How would a possible coalition between the two shape Turkish politics?

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