A Week of Turkey with Kerim Balci – 12 February 2018

Kerim Balci covers the significant political developments in and related to Turkey which has taken place between 5 February to 12 February 2018. This week’s news includes: The Netherlands has formally withdrawn its ambassador to Turkey. Turkey is asking visa-free travel in Schengen area. Erdogan sets eyes on Manbij in Syria. Rex Tillerson will visit Turkey next week.


The Netherlands has formally withdrawn its ambassador to Turkey, adding that no new Turkish ambassador would be accepted in The Hague. What has sparked this diplomatic row between Turkey and Netherlands?
President Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said that Turkey had met conditions for visa-free travel in EU. EU’s response, however, was negative and a new EU resolution criticised the human rights situation in Turkey. What is happening between Turkey and the EU?
The recent press statements and comments reveal that Erdogan sets eyes on Manbij. Is Erdogan serious about Manbij? Would Turkey take risk of confronting the US?
What would be the US reaction if Turkey expands its offensive into Manbij?
How do you assess Erdogan’s recent visit to the Vatican? What did he want to achieve with this visit?
The U.S Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson will visit Turkey next week as part of his five-nation Middle East tour to discuss the aftermath of the expected final defeat of the ISIS in Syria. What would be the other potential topics to be discussed behind the closed doors in Ankara?

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