Introduction to Popular Academic Writing Course

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BA and MA students or fresh graduates
Free of Charge

Turkey Institute is proud to organize its first Introduction to Popular Academic Writing Course between 4 and 9 September. The six-days-long intensive program will feature theoretical courses, on-the-hands workshops, meetups with several British journalists and writers, crash-courses into tools and principles of writing in a digital age and a trip to London’s centres of intellectual productivity and literary houses.

The program aims at capacity building for young intellectuals/pens who are interested in Turkish, Middle Eastern politics and religious affairs to better express themselves in blogs, journalistic and analytical articles and prepare them for future academic careers. The course will accept BA and MA students or fresh graduates. As the course is completely free of charge and the capacity of the program is limited to 15 students, Turkey Institute will have to make a selection from among the applicants.

The applicants are requested to send a CV and an example of their most recent writings (academic or popular) to

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