What would have happened if Erdogan hadn’t called the public to go out into the streets on July 15?

Let us condemn those who martyred 249 people, whether the perpetrators were SADAT militias or not. But let us not forget about those who, although they knew about the coup attempt hours before, had waited in ambush, to earn political gain and to start a purge against a hundred thousand people.

Firstly, let us correct a mistake that is being abused as a tool of psychological war. The public can in no way stop a coup that was triggered through chain of command! Such a thing has never happened in any part of the world. When the army comes down to the streets no one, neither a trash collection truck nor members of the public can stand in its way. If this was possible, millions of Egyptians who flooded the streets against Sisi could stop the coup.
‘The coup was stopped by the public’ is a psychological lie. It is a propaganda tool used to bring the public close to Erdogan, to create a voter base and pump out nationalism.
Let us first remember these facts:

– The biggest question mark of July 15: On July 14, just one day before the coup attempt, the chief of staff Hulusi Akar and MIT (Turkish Intelligence Service) chief Hakan Fidan had a private meeting for 6 hours till midnight.

Was this cosmic meeting for the last touches on a ‘controlled coup attempt’?

– a squadron leader on 15 july at noon comes to MIT and reports the coup plan.

– Erdoğan at least knows the unfolding events in the afternoon. And in the evening, he says: Unfortunately some movement in our armed forces was observable in the afternoon.
Again in his own words, his wife’s husband reports the coup attempt to him at 16 pm.
The general staff from 6 pm onwards prohibited until a second order the flying of any military plane in Turkish airspace, and ordered those flying to come down, and prohibited the movement of tanks and regiments.

– Hakan Fidan,around 7 pm calls the President’s guard manager Muhsin Kose, and asks him how the security situation is, and whether they have taken precautions. This shows that they all know about the coup attempt.

– Then what is Hakan Fidan doing during the coup attempt at 8 pm? He is having a meal with th head of Religious Affairs Mehmet Gormez in a secluded corner. What could they be speaking about? It’s not hard to guess. They are talking about calling the people to the streets for the coup attempt with the help of ‘selas’ (call for funeral prayers) from the mosques.

Erdogan’s son-in-law, who was grinning widely on the evening of 15 july, made a confession yesterday– we knew about the coup at 21.30.


The prime minister had already made a declaration from the TV screens and had deciphered the coup attempt. The general staff had already gotten the situation under control from 6 pm onwards. By the time Erdogan was calling the public to the streets by connecting to CNN through Facetime at 00.24 the coup had already been suppressed. There were only some local disturbances.


The movements outside of the general staff’s control were as follows:

At 22.05 1-2 battalions of soliders were on the streets in different locations unaware of what was happening. Only 10-15 tanks out of the 13.000 tanks comprising the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces were used. There were military academy students who did not know where they were being taken. 3-5 war planes were used for the supersonic sound effect.

Turkish National Channel (TRT), housing 10.000 employees, was raided with 5 soldiers, only one of them high-ranking. And all of them were arrested at the gates of the building.
Not a single government member was harmed.

And the most crucial action; closing down one lane of the Bosphorus bridge…


Yes, if Erdogan had contacted TV channels and appeared on TV in the afternoon hours when he had news of the coup, neither the military nor the public were going to come out to the streets. That is, Erdogan’s knowingly delaying his public call for 6.5 hours cost 249 lives.
Was the general president of CHP, Kemal Kilicdaroglu meaning this, when he had claimed that this was a ‘controlled coup attempt’?


That night, it wasn’t the people, showing their democratic stance against the coup, who were shaping up the fate of streets. Rather, it was the militia forces belonging to SADAT and dark powers who had seeped into the crowds with their machetes, knives and guns.

These forces have shown their ‘heroism’ where guns and tanks weren’t being used. They lynched surrendered soldiers, cut off their throats and posed on abandoned tanks.

Ex-pentagon high official Michael Rubin’s claim has still not been refuted: ‘on the night of 15 July the civilians were killed by SADAT militias belonging to the presidential palace.
The claim is still valid because not one of the deceased had an autopsy made. We don’t know with whose bullets they were martyred. Which guns and bullets did they use; these have still not been identified.

Who is responsible for the deaths of innocent military academy students, who were brought to the bridge for ‘military exercises’ unaware of what was happening and thereafter lynched, their throats slit?

The most important question is this: why did Erdogan call the people to the streets for an already suppressed coup?

If he hadn’t, 249 innocent people wouldn’t have died.


There are 81 cities in Turkey. After 15 July 76 provincial police chiefs were changed with the claim that they were members of the ‘cemaat’ (hizmet movement). Then, were there any provincial police chiefs involved in the july 15 coup? There were none. On the contrary, the police in every city took the situation under control and arrested all those involved in the coup. Therefore, there was no need to call the public to the streets for an already suppressed coup? The security forces were sufficient and they had the situation under control.


This is what woud have happened if Erdoğan hadn’t called the people to the streets that night:
The soldiers on the streets would have eventually grasped the situation and would have returned to the barracks. Those holding the bridge would have soon understood what was going on and would have surrendered. Those resisting would have been arrested by the security forces. Not a single drop of blood would have been shed.

Let us remember the sentence at the beginning of the article. The coup was not stopped by the people. If the military had come out to the streets with all its chain of command, the coup could not be stopped. The military had already suppressed the coup in itself.

Let us condemn those who martyred 249 people, whether the perpetrators were SADAT militias or not. But let us not forget about those who, although they knew about the coup attempt hours before, had waited in ambush, to earn political gain and to start a purge against a hundred thousand people.

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