The US withdrawal from Syria, the Kurdish perspective

4 Feb 2019
04/02/19 9:48:33 AM GMT

American administrations are known to betray the Kurds, this is no secret. The Kurds are often viewed as secondary and sometimes third actors. The...   Read More

Trump’s Withdrawal from Syria: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

16 Jan 2019
16/01/19 8:58:59 AM GMT

In one of his notorious tweets, American president Donald Trump on 19 January 2019 wrote: Starting the long overdue pullout from Syria while hitting...   Read More

Trump’s trust buster

15 Jan 2019
15/01/19 12:25:27 PM GMT

Following repeated Turkish threats to attack the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) stronghold in northeast Syria, on 19 December US President Trump announced the...   Read More

Russia’s grand strategy: how Putin is using Syria conflict to turn Turkey into Moscow’s proxy

17 Oct 2018
17/10/18 8:48:03 AM GMT

Turkey, Russia and Iran have actively involved themselves in the Syrian conflict, each with their own divergent interests. Moscow and Tehran have put their...   Read More

What if Turkey’s snap election results in a split government and parliament?

11 Jun 2018
11/06/18 2:15:23 PM GMT

When Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) decided to go for a snap election, its main fear was an emerging public tendency to vote...   Read More

A preliminary note on the candidates of the Justice and Development Party for the June 24 election

25 May 2018
25/05/18 1:03:30 PM GMT

Turkish citizens voted in a national referendum in April 2017 to change their system of governance into an executive presidential one, effectively ending the...   Read More

Israel continues to give political Islamists kisses of life

25 May 2018
25/05/18 10:13:09 AM GMT

The US decision to move their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was clearly unfair, untimely and provocative. This was also going against international...   Read More

The Centrality of Jerusalem and the End of Two State Solution

17 May 2018
17/05/18 1:36:20 PM GMT

When Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak flew to Taba to seal a final and everlasting deal with the Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, Israel’s experienced...   Read More

Putin’s Asymmetric War with Western Democracies

5 Apr 2018
05/04/18 12:30:18 PM GMT

Putin’s Russia gives the impression with his actions in the last few years that we are returning to a bipolar world of the Cold...   Read More

UK soon to be stuck between two hostile autocrats

16 Mar 2018
11/04/18 10:25:16 AM GMT

It’s not known how much the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s visit to the UK relieved the British economy experiencing the trauma of...   Read More


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