About Us


Who we are

Turkey Institute is a London-based centre of research, analysis and discussion on Turkey. It aims to offer high-quality analysis of the society and state in Turkey with special emphasis on domestic & foreign policy and the economy and to provide objective updates and organise high-level discussions on current issues, especially in relation to democratic governance, human rights, the rule of law and constitutional reform.

Its work is intended to benefit policy-makers, the media and other relevant stakeholders to enable a more nuanced and thorough understanding of a country whose politics is most convoluted and difficult to unravel but at the same time whose successes and failures have wider implications for the region and wider world at a number of levels including the political, economic, cultural and religious.

Turkey Institute is a non-partisan organisation, is not aligned with any political party or with any specific political movement in the UK or in Turkey, and it does not belong to any ideological camp.

Why we have founded this organisation

Turkey, with its highly valuable geopolitics, is a significant partner for the West in general and for the UK in particular. Thus, as the Turkey Institute, we aim to:

  • Address the growing demand on Turkey-related topics including those that relate to the economy, foreign policy, society and the domestic politics
  • Update relevant stake holders in the UK concerning recent developments in, and related to, Turkey
  • Facilitate the exchanging of ideas and experience between Turkish and British experts who share similar research interests
  • Develop an outsider perspective on Turkey’s controversial and highly debated topics

Our target audience

Intellectuals, politicians, academics, journalists and business people who are working on and/or are interested in Turkey related topics.

Funding of the Turkey Institute

Turkey Institute relies on private individual donations. All funding is accounted for responsibly. Currently, the benefactors include London based business people with a Turkish background some of whom affiliated with the Hizmet movement.

Turkey Institute Directors determine the Institutes ideas, priorities, positions and papers. Turkey Institute is concerned with issues, ideas and policies beyond the narrow confines of party politics and its Research Fellows are politically diverse.


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